Blasphemy art exhibition in Dublin this month

A blasphemy art exhibition in Dublin during February is a direct response to the new Irish blasphemy law. It’s a fascinating show, and well worth a visit.

It is on in the Oonagh Young Gallery in James Joyce Street (formerly Corporation Street) off Talbot Street until Saturday 27 February, and is open from 12 to 6pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This Wednesday at 7pm there is a special screening of Rocky Road to Dublin and The Making of Rocky Road to Dublin, which should be watched by anyone interested in secularism and censorship in Ireland.


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    FXR February 10, 2010

    It’s not much of an exhibition. Like the whole blasphemy campaign it’s more of a hobby horse for faux protesters like Michael Nugent to get a lick of the limelight. If the blasphemy law was designed to divert any possible reaction from atheists to the Ryan and Murphy reports it worked a treat.

    Dermot Ahearn and the Papal nuncio are probably embarrassed at the way they overestimated how Irish heretics might seize on the opportunity to damage the Catholic Church when it was at its weakest point. Now the blasphemy law, so beloved of certain fashionably educated activist types, will lay gathering dust until such time they decide to use it a false concession in the future.
    If it was designed as bait to provide a distraction it certainly got swallowed hook line and sinker. That’s what happens when an organisation is led by a self promoter whose main aim is to get a share of the limelight and bask in the reflected glory of associating with visiting stalwarts of the worldwide atheist movement.

    Fame by association is all the cowardly can ever hope for.

    Atheist Ireland along with the gutless artists community have been careful not to go raising a stink about the rape and torture of children and the countless broken victims still waiting for some sort of justice. That just doesn’t go down too well when you’re planning a career as the “atheist” dinner guest in polite society. You don’t want to come across as the mad protester.

    Cowardly hypocrisy: it’s Ireland’s number one product.

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    Paul February 26, 2010

    An exhibition offensive to Christians? How brave and novel! How about offending Muslims for a change? You know, the followers of the religion that, to this day, puts people to death for being Unbelievers? Or will your protests be against only those who don’t threaten you and your families’ safety – the ones who care the least about this law?


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